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Star Wars Documentary

I enjoyed the history channel documentary Star Wars Legacy Revealed. Learning about the philosophy behind the movies, made some things more clear. I logged onto to find out more about the mythology found in star wars.

Multiple Web Browsers

I have several different web browsers I use to surf the internet. Even though my family has AOL web access, the browser I like the best is the opera browser. It doesn't slow down my computer like the AOL web browser. I also like Opera's password manager, so I don't have to type in the password each time I log into to my favorite websites. I use internet explorer to edit my blog.

Zoom Panel

I recently joined a online survey panel called
Zoom Panel. At 1000 pts you qualify for the first level of rewards. Currently I have 175 pts. The surveys are interesting and easy to navigate.

computer issues

My computer is 4 yrs old and counting. I have the bare bones vista basic running, and right now I only have 639 megs of memory, low for a vista machine. Since I'm currently looking for work, my memory upgrade will have to wait :o(.

Prioritizing My Time Online

Even though I spend a lot of time online, sometimes I don't think I spend my time wisely. Surfing for fun is a great way of relaxing for me, but I feel I need to make my time online account for something, for example, writing on this blog, filling out online surveys, reading paid emails, etc. Of course the internet wouldn't be fun for me if I used it only for potential money making activities.

John Chow's Blog

I like going to John Chow's blog
and reading about a good variety of topics. He helps you learn how to
Make Money Online.
I really like the automobile section of his blog.
Also if you do a review of his blog he will link to your site.

Expensive Love

I have never really gotten into the online dating scene. In my opinion they charge too much, and I am better off going around town and hanging. At one site I had a seven day free trial, but after that they charge 49.95 a month!For me that is way too much for me to be using that online site.

I recently signed into, after ignoring their emails for a while. I have 220 points, I need 780 more points to cash out. The trial offers pay out the most, the free offers of course only count 10 pts. Visiting certain websites accounts for 0.5 to 1 to 2 pts.

I have registered with numerous survey sites on the web. I have made the most with They have screener surveys which are 10 pts each some are 50 pts. If you qualify for the full survey you would get 400 pts. The full surveys last for up to 30 minutes. At 1000 pts you can cash out for $10. I have around 1200 pts right now.

free website success course

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